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November 16, 2015

Wheel Bolt Patterns

Around the center of the wheel is a series of holes used to mount the wheel to the axle. The lugholes are arranged in a specific number and distance from each other around the center of the stock Buick wheel. This pattern is commonly referred to as the "Bolt Pattern" or "Bolt Circle". The Bolt patterns are not universal. This means that one 5-lug bolt pattern may not match another or fit onto any 5-lug axle.

Bolt patterns are measured in millimeters or inches. Bolt patterns are more accurately measured using a bolt pattern gauge. To estimate the measurement of a bolt pattern for a specific Buick rim, one of two methods is generally used.

The first method used with OEM wheels is having an even number of lugholes. Measurement is taken from the center of one lughole to the center of the lughole directly across from it.

The second method is used for OEM wheels that have an odd number of lug holes. Measure from the center of a lughole to a location directly across the wheel where the center of the hole would be if there were one there. This will be directly between two of the other lugholes.

To convert millimeters to inches divide the millimeters by 25.4 and round to the nearest whole number. To convert inches to millimeters multiply the inches by 25.4 and round to the nearest quarter of an inch.

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