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February 3, 2016

PVD Chrome

PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition is a type of powder coating that is an alternative to standard chrome plating. PVD involves a simple layering procedure to complete the finish.

PVD is a three-step process. To help protect the Buick wheel a powder coat primer is applied over the raw wheel. Next, the wheel is coated with a metal alloy vapor mixture inside of a vacuumed chamber. Finally, the wheel is covered with a protecting clear acrylic powder coating.

There are some advantages to PVD coating Buick rims. Not only is it generally harder and more resistant to corrosion than traditional chrome but PVD finishes are also more resistant to abrasion. Due to the application process, PVD is less prone to having resulting pits as is traditional chrome. PVD chrome also has a lifespan greater than traditional chrome.

One disadvantage of PVD is the color itself. It is very hard to replicate exactly later on. This means that if a replacement Buick wheel is required or the reconditioning of an existing wheel, getting the PVD shade to match exactly will be extraordinarily difficult.

PVD chrome does add a very unique and exotic look to any Buick wheel. Anyone interested in PVD chrome should contact us for further information including pricing and turn-around time.

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