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August 4, 2016

Lowering Your Car Myths

If you have upgraded your wheels and tires or are happy with your current setup, the next step is to improve the overall handling of your Buick by upgrading to a better suspension set-up. Typically, the most cost effective way to go about this is to replace your OEM springs with a set of performance lowering springs. These springs work by lowering the center of gravity for better handling but there are also many other benefits to using them.

An improved sportier appearance is an additional benefit when lowered. So what is stopping many drivers from lowering their Buick? Here are 4 common myths that often stand in the way.

Myth 1: Can't use the original shocks.

Fact: Springs that produce mild lowering of about an inch work well with newer factory shocks. Most high end springs are designed around a Buick's original suspension.

Myth 2: I will need an expensive alignment kit if I install lowering springs on my Buick.

Fact: According to leaders in spring engineering and production, most Buicks do not require an alignment kit after installing a set of lowering springs that are mild of about an inch.

Myth 3: Lowering my Buick will hurt the ride quality and make it ride like a truck.

Fact: Some spring sets are designed to maintain much of the Buick's original suspension travel distance and are only about 15% higher in spring rate to preserve quality.

Myth 4: Lowering springs will sag and settle in, making the Buick too low to be practical.

Fact: High quality springs are pre-compressed down to full coil bind and tested before they are shipped. They do not sag. In fact, some companies warranty their springs for one million miles.

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