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January 12, 2016

Replica Wheels

When faced with the option of purchasing a replica Buick wheel, buyers should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this decision. Not all replica Buick wheels are equal. When buying a replica Buick wheel please consult a trusted expert wheel vendor.

In most cases a brand new replica Buick wheel will cost as much as the reconditioned OEM Buick rim of the same style. Both reconditioned and replica Buick wheels can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a brand new Buick wheel from the dealer.

Most replica Buick wheels are created with a mold made from the OEM counterpart. This will ensure that the structure will be visually the same as the factory original Buick wheel. There is some speculation as to whether or not the finish is the same. Paint, powder coat, polishing, chrome, and clear coat is not universal. It is possible that the color may not match the OEM Buick wheel, but it will be very close. A quality replica will have little to no cosmetic areas of concern.

Not all replica Buick rims are cast the same. There is an order of quality in cast wheels. From lowest to highest quality, the casting types are: gravity casting, low-pressure casting, spun-rim form casting and high light technology casting. Several quality companies do make replica Buick wheels to TUV and ISO standards. They are definitely worth buying for everyday street use. However, if the OEM Buick wheel is prone to cracks, the replica rim is sure to have the same issue.

Some replica Buick wheels may be the result in factory overruns. An overrun is when the OEM manufacturer contracts a certain amount of wheels and either more wheels were made or the order was cut short than what the order called for. In either case, the OEM logo is usually stripped from the Buick wheel and it cannot be sold as OEM even though it is the same.

In any case, consult a wheel expert when ordering a replacement Buick wheel. You will need to ensure that the replica Buick wheel was made in the correct size that you need as well as ensure you are buying a quality product. A reputable wheel company is not going to sell substandard wheels.

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