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Apri 28, 2016

Repair Your Wheels Before Selling?

Getting ready to sell your Buick? Well we know the process is never easy. There are numerous things that need to be done before it is sold. To get the most out of your Buick you have to create an online advertisement, meet potential buyers for test drives and also make sure all your paperwork is in order. But before any of that can happen, you need to make sure the car is in good enough condition to sell. Does that include fixing curbed wheels? That is the question we are tackling today.

Curbed Wheel

A curbed wheel, in the car world, is a term used to describe a wheel or hubcap that has sustained damage from a curb. If you have ever purchased a used Buick, chances are it came with at least one curbed wheel. This type of damage is fairly common if you are not careful parking and can even happen when you are being careful.

Fix a Curbed Wheel?

Fixing a wheel before selling your Buick has several benefits to it. There are several reasons for this with some being that it will (obviously) make the car look much better but also suggest to the buyer that the car was taken care of and not mistreated. This could lead to you receiving more money for your Buick.

The main reason we can think of for fixing your curbed wheels is that it is surprisingly inexpensive to do. While it can be very frustrating when you damage a wheel, the truth is that fixing a curbed wheel can be fixed for as low as $100 per wheel. Wheel experts like us here at StockWheels.com can make the turnaround minimal and get you back on the road in no time.


While we recommend refinishing a wheel before you sell it, there are some exceptions that we must note. If your Buick is not highly valuable (more than 10k) you will probably not see a return on your investment by fixing curbed damaged wheels.

Another exception is if you have aftermarket wheels made of an unusual material. If this is so, you probably already know how expensive it can be to repair them and you will not receive a monetary benefit from repair. Finally, we do not suggest fixing curbed wheels if you simply plan on trading in your Buick. You will not see any money back unless they are severely damaged.

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