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May 26, 2016

Wheel Issues

We all know of the numerous problems that arise while owning a Buick. It is really rare to go without some kind of problem coming up. Luckily, many problems have symptoms that help you realize that service or maintenance is needed on your Buick. Problems with your wheels for instance are usually quite noticeable. Almost always you will experience slight vibration through your steering column or in extreme cases, physical shaking.

Here are a few issues that may arise with your wheels:


Vibration or shaking is a good indicator that something is wrong with your tires. The first and easiest thing you can inspect is your tire pressure. Your tires should also be the same model and size. You don't want to have mud tires on one side and normal tires on another. If your tire pressure is good, checking if your wheels are balanced is the next step on your Buick. Next thing is to check the condition of each tire. Uneven wear can often lead to shaking if the wear is serious enough. Physical damage to the tire can also be a culprit. Finally, if you haven't had a wheel alignment performed, this can be the cause of the issue.

Brake Components

If your brake rotor is experiencing heavy wear and tear, which is usually caused by uneven wear, rotors can get bent out of shape and cause severe vibration and shaking. The root cause of the uneven wear is one of two things: either the rotor was installed out-of-true with the hub, or the tire was improperly torqued to the hub during the last tire change. So now when the rotor is squeezed by the calipers and brake pads, the uneven surface of the rotor creates the vibration. Although other problems are more likely, this still may be the cause. If you cannot check the brake components on your Buick for yourself, seek professional help.


A bent axle will usually occur during an accident. Getting your axles inspected is important if you have been involved in a crash, even if It was minor. A symptom of a bent axle is when the vibration intensity increases as your Buick speed goes up. A related issue is a driveshaft. If you believe any of these might be the problem, make an appointment with the mechanic to have your Buick inspected.

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